While there are many chickens who reside here at Green Root Farm, Fluffball is the resident celebrity.  She is Sydney's most prized chicken. She became a first time mama in the spring of 2015.  She can be seen being transported in a doll carrier or told stories of grand adventures, or perhaps participating in said adventures, one never knows.

In spring of 2015 the first hive was added to the farm.  Sydney assembled and painted the hive as part of her schoolwork.

They also own a travel trailer when looking for a vacation or new family members require quarantine. 

Annually gourds are grown up the chicken palace walls to provide much needed shade during the summer months.  Most recently we added some Concord grapes to creep up the fencing.

The Chicken Palace

The chickens reside in the palace complete with a gravity fed water system.  They dine on non-GMO organic layer pellets and homegrown treats while lounging in their predator proof extremely spacious yard.

The guest house is where the young hens move once they have outgrown the repurposed pack n' play in the house. 

The eight garden boxes near the chicken palace are watered by a drip irrigation system that is fed by the rain water collected from the roof of the garage.