Raw golden honey flowed from the new extractor.  The children enjoyed taking turns cranking the handle.  We leave our honey unfiltered and unheated  to keep the all natural properties the bees provide.  Each harvest the color varies depending on the flowers in bloom.

Beeswax lanterns are crafted using beeswax, pressed flowers and leaves.  They are illuminated with a beeswax tealight so they last for many years.

After the wax is cleaned it is poured into molds to make ornaments, tealights, and votive candles.  We use waxed 100% cotton wicks. 

A long time staple of Green Root Farm is the hand salve .   Sydney plants the calendula seeds each spring in preparation for fall petal harvest to infuse the organic olive oil that is the base for their salve sought for its healing properties to ward off dry chap skin during the harsh Vermont winters.  Sydney is responsible for the harvest collecting the petals when the day blossoms have opened all the way; long enough to enjoy but not passed the usefulness of the petals super medicinal qualities.  This year we have added our own beeswax .

Ingredients: calendula petals, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, beeswax. lemongrass.  It is packaged in 4 oz., 9 oz., and 16 oz. glass jars.  Available in custom sizes for special occasions and functions.